Edged by sweeping open countryside and views of the sea, this beautiful stone cottage is located on the outskirts of Kominianika, a picturesque village in the heart of the island, close to Aroniadika, Potamos, and a host of amenities such as a supermarket, petrol station, shops, and restaurants.

The 635 square-meter-site is divided into two levels, with a South-West orientation. A large vaulted space on the lower level seems to be the oldest part of the complex, whereas a series of stone-built extensions around and over this central unit results in a complex and intricate succession of spaces. The lower level’s flat roofs allow for the creation of some unique outdoor seating areas accessible from the levels above, while a series of courtyards, open spaces on all sides of the complex, and functioning water well, provide great potential to the garden and the surrounding outdoor space.

Various architectural elements and original features such as the stone buildings, the large lower-level vaulted space, the traditional outdoor oven-fireplace, the limestone detailing on the windows and doors, and the cast-iron pergolas, add to the property’s truly unique charm.

A series of architectural schemes have been developed, including several floor plan options for each level, that result in a large housing complex of 3, and up to 6 bedrooms, depending on the needs of the prospective buyer.

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Location: Kominianika, Kythira
Plot Surface: 635,77 M2
Building Surface: 174,61 M2