Nestled in the heart of the quiet village of Logothetianika, this quintessentially early 19th-century Kytherean house was given new vitality and transformed into two 1-bedroom apartments that maintain the subdued atmosphere of the building and its simultaneously imposing, serious character.

The reconstructed interiors of the new apartments celebrate the weathered and worn imperfections of the original house, boasting wrought iron railings, irregular textured surfaces, and soft chalky tones of beige and grey, blended with quirky elements such as the original green-painted wooden ceilings of the first-floor apartment that have been lovingly restored.

Special features: Hand-made floor, maintaining of the original ceiling, iron features.
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Location: Logothetianika, Kythira
Type: Reconstruction, Promotion
Status: Completed 2020
Photography: Spyros Hound, Valentini Kaimaki