valentini kaimaki

The extreme cost of the site and subsequent necessity of the client for maximisation, not only of built surface, but also of number of apartments, lead to a tight arrangement of 13 units on 4 floors, with a basement for parking and storage.
On a programmatic level, the design was perceived as a response to legal limitations. Building regulations permitted living rooms and kitchens to be built only on two of the four floors. As a result to this restraint, all the units were designed on 2 floors. Regulations also dictated an internal patio in which a circle of 10 metre diameter could be inscribed. Being literal about the size of the open space, we proposed a circular patio, a cut-out into the solid built volume rather than a separate element of the building.

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  • Location:
  • Site Area (M2):
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  • Status:
  • Private House
  • Valentini Kaimaki, Antonio Garcia Lopez
  • Viaradika, Kythira, Greece
  • 146,60
  • 106,80
  • Completed 2007