valentini kaimaki

Designed as a summer residence for a family of six members, the house is articulated around a central open courtyard. The different elements (living room, kitchen, study, bedrooms and swimming pool), pivot around this space, adapting the optimum orientation for their use: Bedrooms open to the east, kitchen to the west, study to the north, living room to the south and east. A stone wall at the northern edge of the courtyard acts as the backdrop of activity and a simple connector between elements. The large L-shaped porch protects the living area from direct sunlight, whereas the long and narrow swimming pool acts as a natural barrier between the house and the garden and enables the disappearance of handrails.
The choice of materials and construction method were dictated by the client’s particularly low budget. Perceiving this project as an exercise for low-cost housing, we opted for a standard load bearing concrete block wall and concrete slab construction and no special detailing. It was all constructed by non-specialised crew, and cost below 120.000 €.

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  • Private House
  • Valentini Kaimaki, Antonio Garcia Lopez
  • Daimiel, Ciudad Real, Spain
  • 10.000
  • 190
  • Completed 2008