valentini kaimaki

Designed as the principle residence of a family of four, the house extends mainly on one level, with storage and installation rooms at basement floor.
Only two prerequisites were set by the client: The material to use for external walls was a reddish colour, medium-sized stone, of which the client disposed, and there was to exist a swimming pool which could be used in the winter.
Although the house was built on an urban site, its size and position between several other properties rendered the issue of privacy particularly important.
We therefore decided to strictly delimit the house within the irregular site and structure it around an average sized private patio. The four sides of the patio are comprised of thefour basic uses: Living, Eating, Sleeping and Swimming. The swimming pool is designed as the aquatic analogy to the porch, covered with a slab and with transparent sides.
We then placed this perforated box at a North-South-East –West orientation. The outcome offered an interesting series of outer gardens to enrich the intimate core.

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  • Private House
  • Valentini Kaimaki, Antonio Garcia Lopez
  • Moral De Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain
  • 1.493
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  • Under Construction