valentini kaimaki

This rural complex was designed as the occasional dwelling of a family of four with a demanding standard of living. It was planned with the idea of the traditional agricultural complex of the area in mind, as a series of spaces of different use and height around a vast square.
The living areas of the complex, such as living rooms, dining room, library and cellar are positioned at the northern side of the square, their vertical position relating to their range of publicity: Cellar at the basement, living room and dining at ground level, library above, overlooking the living room.
The sleeping areas are positioned at the eastern side of the main plaza, looking at a private garden to the east, slightly underneath ground level, in order to maximise privacy. The service areas are meant to be as invisible as possible, following independent circulation paths. At the southern side of the square, a swimming pool, solarium and bar area delimits the complex.

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  • Private House
  • Valentini Kaimaki, Antonio Garcia Lopez
  • Valenzuela Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain
  • 12.000
  • 792
  • Under Construction