valentini kaimaki

The client required a total of 102 housing units on three floors, all with parking and storage at basement level, as well as commercial areas on the ground floor. The complex was to be completed with a series of open spaces, gardens and swimming pool. Our main effort was to create a personalised building complex, despite its scale. We wanted the residents to feel part of a whole, but not fall into the danger of institutionalisation. We rather wanted to promote the feeling of an improvised community of individuals, with specific needs and priorities. For this purpose we decided to maximise the possibility of choice: We designed ten housing typologies, following diverse programmatic scenarios, which we then interlocked in four independent 3-floor blocks connected with walkways. The different housing types were repeated at different floors and positions. As a result of the design, the choice of flat turned to be an interesting procedure: First the buyers were offered the possibility to decide on the preferred typology. When the housing type was decided, they had to choose on a vast number of features, such as views, garden, patio, terraces, orientation, proximity to common areas and floor, in order to choose the exact apartment which would be ideal for them. The elevations meant to formally express the complexity of the interconnection of elements. Areas recessed from the fa├žade as porches, terraces and the hovering glazed cantilevers of the living rooms create a complex three-dimensional composition, all reflecting directly the use of the space within.

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  • 102 Unit Apartment Block
  • Valentini Kaimaki, Antonio Garcia Lopez
  • Pozuelo de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain
  • 3.436
  • 13.980
  • Under Construction